B.S. Neelkanta, Managing Director

Chairman & Managing Director of Butta Group, Mr Neelakanta is a dynamic, aggressive and passionate individual who not only sets his goals high but also looks at the positive side of setbacks – when faced with them. A person with long term and strategic goals,
Mr Neelakanta encourages people around him and brings out the best in them. He dared to dream, and is fast shaping that into reality. From humble beginnings to a current annual turnover of INR 600 crores (USD 130 million), the group is well on its way to
much more significant achievements, under his astute leadership.


B. Renuka,Director

Director of Butta Group, Mrs.Renuka is not the woman behind the success of Mr. Neelakanta, but the woman who walks beside him to success. Mrs. Renuka Neelakanta is a person of very refined taste who adds sophistication in every step of implementation of the vision of the group. A very meticulous person, she brings practical learning into everyday business.


N. Madana Mohan Reddy, Group Advisor

A Post Graduate in Management with specialization in finance, Madana Mohan Reddy brings over 25 years of experience in the banking sector. He has varied and rich experience in General Management having held senior leadership positions. As advisor to the group corporate services he provides strategic guidance to Institution building, Corporate Relations &Legal Functions, Finance Procurement and Human Resources.


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